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2016 has ended, and with him, a great trip we also experienced an end. Favorite sites we will move into a new direction, which has never been undertaken before, of course, with new challenges as well. No need to worry or sad, because all things in this world is only temporary. All are constantly changing, and our job is to respond to these changes and move accordingly and you can visit find here.

As regards closing, allow me to share about some video games I love. It might sound a bit melancholy, but in fact it has a lot of video games changed my life. Without video game I would not be here, and I believe that video games have a lot to give lessons to make me better.

Here are ten of the best games of all time, Mustafa Ayyub version. Happy reading.
Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is an MMORPG that offers enormous freedom to the players. Various interesting job in it allowing anyone to play the role he likes. Starting from a strong and fast fighter, healer who protects his friends, to the rich merchant market authorities and visit madden mobile coins.

Simple yet profound, anyone can play Ragnarok Online even without instruction. But of course if you want to be the strongest person you need to explore the gameplay system is elaborate and complex. Doing research for the sake of the calculation of the optimal stat is a pleasure that will always be remembered by veterans of this game.

In addition to the gameplay, the elements that make Ragnarok Online loved by many people is the impact on social interaction. Ragnarok Online has connected me with many friends, threw me on a number of plays, distract me from college, and made me fall out of money pocket poor. An acquaintance once referred to this game as a “Robber Online”, and to think of ya is not one really.

Magical Drop III

When asked what my favorite puzzle game, my answer is clear Magical Drop III. This game has the controls and game mechanics are actually quite simple, but fun and fast. You control a small dwarf who should take the balls of the color of the screen, then tossed another ball into the same color. Somewhat similar to Zuma, but more interesting.

This simple system would produce a very competitive game when played with friends. Speed ​​will be pitted against your finger, but the brain also have to think to set strategy and arrangement of the right combo. Magical Drop III fight between two people who are both experts could look tense like watching a fighting game tournament.

Magical Drop III is one game of the series was translated into English. When only the usual puzzle mode in fact the language is not a problem, but Magical Drop III also has a pretty interesting adventure mode, the system resembles a game of snakes and ladders. This mode can be entertainment when he did not have an opponent to play.
Dota 2

Dota 2 is not just a game. Dota 2 is a lifestyle. That’s what I always say every time people ask me about my favorite on Dota 2. I’ve loved since the era DOTA Warcraft III: Frozen Throne about the year 2004, and twelve years later it still has not been bored. Looks like Dota 2 has been and will always be part of my life.

DOTA and Dota 2 has helped me beyond a wide variety of ups and downs. One of the most memorable was when I was in college level two. At that time I threatened to drop out because there is one course that I took up to three times, but has not passed also. If I failed for the fourth time, according to the regulations college campus I can not continue.

The night before the UAS is a crucial night, and at that time I was in a state between resignation and depression. I stayed up late at the computer, playing DOTA on campus server while accompanied by a book. Whenever a hero dies, I take the time to work on the problems. Similarly, when loading, or wait for another player entered the lobby. How to learn a bit strange, but the funny thing is, I actually graduated.

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