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A series reboot, a process that is becoming a trend in the middle warmed up in the gaming industry. Interestingly, an ambitious project to “regenerate” a legacy in the form of franchise and this new flavor was obtained a fairly positive response from gamers. DMC from Ninja Theory and Tomb Raider from Crystal Dynamics was clear evidence of how the policy could be successful, in terms of quality and quantity. Projects such as this will go into the next-gen platform. One that deserves to be anticipated? Of course, a reboot of the franchise past the popular stealth game – Thief, which is now under the cold hand of Eidos Montreal and Square Enix and you can get Pokemon Go game on android.

After being introduced through a series of teaser and screenshots, Square Enix has finally released the debut gameplay trailer for Thief. With the quality of visualization is so charming, you can see the action of the king of thieves in a variety of scenarios. Settles and find the best way out, you will be involved in various acts of theft that not only requires dexterity of the hand, but also certain strategic thinking. Adventures stealing Heart of the Lion of Baron Northcrest be excellent in this first gameplay trailer and visit Pokemon Go Hack.

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