Clash royale & Pokemon X & Y So Game Nintendo 3DS Bestsellers!

Small form and performance that is not comparable with other competitor platforms has never been the reason that a gaming console will die quickly in the gaming industry. Because in the end, the popularity will be built from the exciting number of exciting games developed for him. Of all the existing companies, Nintendo seems to understand it well and deserves to be a real proof. Despite the hard work of the next-gen console Nintendo Wii U that still has not produced much positive results, Nintendo managed to gain the success of the 3DS that continues to get the support of cool games. The best so far? Predictable, Clash royale astuce gemme gratuit .

Being the field of quality JRPG games that are countless began to become extinct from the game industry universe, 3DS is also enriched by dozens of quality franchises that are ready to draw attention for a long time. Everything is built on the basis of an incredible gameplay experience, and not just a visual interest.

Of all the successful 3DS games, Pokemon X and Y officially became the best-selling and successful on the market. Game that was released last October 2013 was successfully sold over 12 million copies worldwide. This position beat the previous “champion” – Clash royale.

With the addition, a total of more than 245 million Pokemon games have been sold worldwide since the existence of this franchise for the first time. Nintendo dead? Imagine what kind of success would happen if Nintendo Wii U finally introduced the latest Pokemon game in real HD format. Would be a blast!

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Watch Dogs & GTA 5 PC Version Require Uplay!

Approaching its launch next month, various information about Watch Dogs began to unfold. Previously, the final specification for the PC version of the open world game has been announced.

In addition to providing information about what is required by gamers on his PC, Ubisoft apparently still have another announcement. Perhaps most of you already suspect that like a variety of Ubisoft flagship game, Watch Dogs need Uplay existence and get GTA 5 hack on .

“(Watch Dogs) just like in our other AAA games, including Far Cry 3, Splinter Cell Blacklist, and Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag,” said a spokesman from Ubisoft when answering questions from IGN.

The company added, Watch Dogs will be available on Steam and will use Uplay to support all in-game services. Like GTA 5 and other Ubisoft games, gamers who buy Watch Dogs via Steam still need a Uplay account to enter the game.

Just to remind, Watch Dogs ready to be released for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, on May 27, 2014. Nintendo Wii U version will also be present. Even so, until now there has been no announcement about the launch date.

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NBA 2K14 Next-Gen Need Capacity 6 Fold Compared to the PC version?

The transition to the new console generation is no longer inevitable. One month to the release of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, many developers began to leave the previous generation, in spite of the release of consistency shown by many developers. Preparing for the latest engine and using a next-gen engine lighter and legacy for the version of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 seems to be a policy that is now adopted. One example of the most frontal? Of course, EA Sports and engine – Ignite them. But who thought that the competitors – 2K Games seems to implement the same. Policies that “sacrifice” PC, regardless of its status as the most powerful platforms in the industry today and visit NBA Live Mobile hack.

Developed by Visual Concept, 2K has finally released its next-gen debut screenshots for NBA 2K14. Various Fascinating visual detail and figure Lebron James looks alive certainly make a lot of gamers comparing it with the PC version. Based on the information “leaked” by a large retailer – Amazon, most likely engine used by NBA 2K14 PC version similar to those used in earlier versions of the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Why not? Like the PC version that requires the space capacity is “only” 9 GB, PS 3 also requires 9 GB and Xbox 360-10 GB. Leap requirement increases to many times in NBA 2K14 next-gen version.

In detail the products offered, Amazon faithfully records the space capacity to be possessed by the next-gen console owners to download the digital version of NBA 2K14. Believe it or not, there is written for Xbox One 60 GB and 50 GB for the Playstation 4. This means that nearly six times the size of the data NBA 2K14 PC version and the current generation. Various rumors were spread, believed that 2K is developing a different engine to produce a visual experience that much better in the next-gen. The opportunity to inject more textures and a variety of visual effects in this one version.

How valid this rumor that one? 2K itself still has not given any official comment. But if the information released Amazon ended the truth, gamers who are interested in buying a next-gen console seems to have to invest some extra money to buy extra storage. That is a huge difference!

Screenshots you are curious about the next-gen NBA 2K14 can click the image below and see the details in actual size.

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Square Enix Announces Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

A re-release, remastered in high definition process seems to be a trend that will not be easily lost from the industry in the near future. Aside from being a means of nostalgia, this is a good opportunity for gamers unfamiliar with certain iconic franchise to know him more deeply. This process is being prepared by Square Enix to ensure greater anticipation in their ambitious projects – Kingdom Hearts 3. To help gamers get to know the plot deeper – Square Enix has released Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix to the market last month. This process is likely to continue in the future and you can dowload Madden Mobile on Android.

As could be predicted in advance, Square Enix has finally officially introduced an HD remaster process further – Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix. Like the previous series, the series HD Remix this latest will include three games in it: Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix (Playstation 2), Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix (PSP), and Kingdom Hearts Re: coded (Nintendo DS) is now offered in the form of a story, the same process that was offered in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days in 1.5 HD Remix. Square Enix also revealed that the Kingdom Hearts franchise has sold over 20 million units to date on Madden Mobile cheats.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix itself is scheduled to be released in 2014, remains exclusive to Playstation 3. How about you? Interested? As a big fan of this franchise, this will be the best opportunity for us to enjoy back in an epic battle against the 1,000 Heartless in KH 2, of course – now in high definition. Super excited on Madden Mobile!

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Thief Gameplay Trailer Ver Prime

A series reboot, a process that is becoming a trend in the middle warmed up in the gaming industry. Interestingly, an ambitious project to “regenerate” a legacy in the form of franchise and this new flavor was obtained a fairly positive response from gamers. DMC from Ninja Theory and Tomb Raider from Crystal Dynamics was clear evidence of how the policy could be successful, in terms of quality and quantity. Projects such as this will go into the next-gen platform. One that deserves to be anticipated? Of course, a reboot of the franchise past the popular stealth game – Thief, which is now under the cold hand of Eidos Montreal and Square Enix and you can get Pokemon Go game on android.

After being introduced through a series of teaser and screenshots, Square Enix has finally released the debut gameplay trailer for Thief. With the quality of visualization is so charming, you can see the action of the king of thieves in a variety of scenarios. Settles and find the best way out, you will be involved in various acts of theft that not only requires dexterity of the hand, but also certain strategic thinking. Adventures stealing Heart of the Lion of Baron Northcrest be excellent in this first gameplay trailer and visit Pokemon Go Hack.

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FIFA 17 will present a LAN mode this month

Free with a community that continues to grow massive, MOBA fans, especially FIFA 17 course are expected to switch to the ambitious project that has now become the main focus Valve – FIFA 17 2. Visualization better with a myriad of customization features to create a unique identity code and the opportunity to interact with FIFA 17 coins hack fans around the world become a major selling point. But unfortunately a thousand unfortunately, there are still major obstacles that make many gamers can not yet switch, apart from that desire. Absolutely, we’re talking about the Internet connection that needs to be inviolable. At least not until September 23, 2013.

Valve officially announced that it will launch the latest update for FIFA 17 2 – “The First Blood Update”. In addition to presenting the new fashion – Captain’s Draft that bring new flavors, the latest update also seems to be the fulfillment of a dream for many gamers who have been constrained internet connection to be able to enjoy the game. The First Blood will inject Play aka LAN Local mode that allows you to play locally, without having to connect to the server from Steam itself. Not only that, this update will also contain announcer pack – “Portal Pack” which will bring the sound GLaDOS in it.
In addition to presenting the LAN mode and Captain’s Draft, The First Blood updates which will be launched 23 September 2013 will also make the Portal Pack – including GLaDOS as announcer.

So for you who have been dreaming to play FIFA 17 2 locally, make sure you look forward to welcoming this update in the next few days. For us personally? GLaDOS announcer pack definitely a must buy!

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Blue Ocean and Listening to Consumers, Potential Weapons Nintendo Switch

On the day Friday, January 13, 2017, millions of eyes re-focused on the announcement of the new Nintendo console, Nintendo Switch that will be sold in the market on March 3. The latest home gaming console from the company from Kyoto, Japan comes to bring a gaming machine that feels very “Nintendo” once, especially in terms of uniqueness which again did not prioritize the toughness of hardware.

Although the sentence was impressed too early success for granted, but Nintendo Switch has a few things that make it potentially better than the Wii U, Nintendo’s game console before. Anything? The following analysis.

Innovation required control gaming experience outdoors

When compared with two other competitors, Nintendo strategy in the console industry throughout the last decade is quite interesting. At the time Sony and Microsoft competing to bring console with engine specifications that give priority to technological sophistication, a company from Kyoto, Japan is actually “playing” outside the trend by making their own markets and visit Marvel Contest of Champions hack.

Nintendo strategies adopted is known as the Blue Ocean Strategy. Through the strategies they employ since this Wii console, Nintendo deliberately not compete in a market that already has a tough rival. They focused instead create new thing and the market that no rival.

Cases similar success can also be found on the success of Nintendo’s handheld machines ranging from Game Boy to Nintendo 3DS. The point talking about Nintendo, they made products are never far from unique word and dared to be different.

However, in the last seven years, the development of smartphones and tablet seems to be a new competitor for Nintendo. The process of adoption of mobile devices such a rapid and graphic development of increasingly sophisticated mobile games makes Nintendo needs to think of a way to keep them relevant. With Nintendo Switch, they are trying to innovate in terms of mobility gaming console outside the home.

See the concept of playing games with the quality of a home console that promised Switch makes me remember with Nvidia Shield, Android gaming machines made by Nvidia that was sadly lacking getting a good response from the market. The difference is, with the support of quality games Nintendo, Switch least look more attractive to own than the Nvidia Shield and get  Dokkan Battle hack .

Although it can be played away from the TV screen, it does not mean Switch will be a hybrid gaming machine that will devour the handheld market dominated by Nintendo itself. Because in its announcement yesterday, Nintendo clearly mentions Switch as a console that has a high mobility and the experience of playing no less than a home console.

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Best Game of All Time Version 2

Dissidia When first released, I was actually a little disappointed with the game system is presented. Although it had a cool moves and 3D arena fun, original Dissidia seem a little rigid because too deify parry technique. When playing against the AI ​​or the player who is good, the successful parry very decisive victory, so the fight so boring.

Dissidia 012 change that by entering Assist system and EX Revenge. Now, no longer a weapon parry god cause lag time can be disrupted by Assist. Assist also can be sacrificed to escape from enemy combo, or to thwart EX Burst. While the EX Revenge create a Limit Break can be saved to become a defensive weapon and visit NBA Live Mobile hack.

Final Fantasy community in which I participated, Dissidia 012 could be required to play a game that is very popular. Tournament Dissidia 012 is a fixed menu when gathering, and became one of the favorite games to spend time with my college friends. Can be enjoyed in a casual or serious, has solid gameplay, as well as indulge fans of Final Fantasy, Dissidia 012 is one of the best fighting game ever.

Suikoden V

Suikoden Suikoden II is an entry with the best story, but for the best overall, my choice fell on Suikoden V. With cool story, characters and memorable badass, a myriad of exciting mini-games, as well as a unique war, Suikoden V really successful makes me sucked into his world.

I am very happy because Suikoden V many took inspiration from Suikoden I and Suikoden II. The visual appearance is 3D, but using isometric viewpoint that is unsightly. The fight back using a system of six members of the party, but in addition to the formation system and new skills. It was like playing a classic gameplay of the PlayStation era, but with the evolution of the higher step.

Suikoden V also introduce me a cool composer is Norikazu Miura. In contrast to the composition of Miki Higashino (Suikoden II) nuanced Celtic and tend to be easy to remember, Norikazu Miura brings more evocative music, as membungkusmu in nuance waterfront. Listen to songs such as “We Gather Near the Water” will make you yearn to return to francis Konami’s dead.

Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut

Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut is the definitive version of Tales of Destiny remake was released for PS2. If you have never played or heard of this game, it’s reasonable, because Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut is only available in Japanese. One thing that is very unfortunate, because I think this game is the battle system Tales best.

Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut is still using 2D character display, but with remarkably smoothly animated and combined effects of particle and 3D environments. The result is a very fast battle, brutal, chaotic, too beautiful. The new system, called CC (Capacity Point) made all the character and magic skills can be issued free of charge, thus enabling long combo attacks and sophisticated.

Tales of Destiny Compared to the original, this version also gives very many changes that make the overall story more fun. Swordian belonged to Woodrow Kelvin now you can use, lyris Aileron appears to be a new playable character, and even Leon Magnus received separate modes contain the story of his own!

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Top 10 Games of All Time

2016 has ended, and with him, a great trip we also experienced an end. Favorite sites we will move into a new direction, which has never been undertaken before, of course, with new challenges as well. No need to worry or sad, because all things in this world is only temporary. All are constantly changing, and our job is to respond to these changes and move accordingly and you can visit find here.

As regards closing, allow me to share about some video games I love. It might sound a bit melancholy, but in fact it has a lot of video games changed my life. Without video game I would not be here, and I believe that video games have a lot to give lessons to make me better.

Here are ten of the best games of all time, Mustafa Ayyub version. Happy reading.
Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is an MMORPG that offers enormous freedom to the players. Various interesting job in it allowing anyone to play the role he likes. Starting from a strong and fast fighter, healer who protects his friends, to the rich merchant market authorities and visit madden mobile coins.

Simple yet profound, anyone can play Ragnarok Online even without instruction. But of course if you want to be the strongest person you need to explore the gameplay system is elaborate and complex. Doing research for the sake of the calculation of the optimal stat is a pleasure that will always be remembered by veterans of this game.

In addition to the gameplay, the elements that make Ragnarok Online loved by many people is the impact on social interaction. Ragnarok Online has connected me with many friends, threw me on a number of plays, distract me from college, and made me fall out of money pocket poor. An acquaintance once referred to this game as a “Robber Online”, and to think of ya is not one really.

Magical Drop III

When asked what my favorite puzzle game, my answer is clear Magical Drop III. This game has the controls and game mechanics are actually quite simple, but fun and fast. You control a small dwarf who should take the balls of the color of the screen, then tossed another ball into the same color. Somewhat similar to Zuma, but more interesting.

This simple system would produce a very competitive game when played with friends. Speed ​​will be pitted against your finger, but the brain also have to think to set strategy and arrangement of the right combo. Magical Drop III fight between two people who are both experts could look tense like watching a fighting game tournament.

Magical Drop III is one game of the series was translated into English. When only the usual puzzle mode in fact the language is not a problem, but Magical Drop III also has a pretty interesting adventure mode, the system resembles a game of snakes and ladders. This mode can be entertainment when he did not have an opponent to play.
Dota 2

Dota 2 is not just a game. Dota 2 is a lifestyle. That’s what I always say every time people ask me about my favorite on Dota 2. I’ve loved since the era DOTA Warcraft III: Frozen Throne about the year 2004, and twelve years later it still has not been bored. Looks like Dota 2 has been and will always be part of my life.

DOTA and Dota 2 has helped me beyond a wide variety of ups and downs. One of the most memorable was when I was in college level two. At that time I threatened to drop out because there is one course that I took up to three times, but has not passed also. If I failed for the fourth time, according to the regulations college campus I can not continue.

The night before the UAS is a crucial night, and at that time I was in a state between resignation and depression. I stayed up late at the computer, playing DOTA on campus server while accompanied by a book. Whenever a hero dies, I take the time to work on the problems. Similarly, when loading, or wait for another player entered the lobby. How to learn a bit strange, but the funny thing is, I actually graduated.

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Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Ver Dynamic via Levolution

EA and DICE seems increasingly establish itself to ensure Battlefield 4 appeared as the best FPS game in the FPS competition that is increasingly prevalent in the 2013’s. Not only must fight against the eternal enemy – Call of Duty, the game industry will also be the arrival of other competitors are no less remarkable: Titanfall and Destiny, which comes with a unique theme each. DICE is certainly ready. To ensure a multiplayer experience that is more reliable in the next few years, a myriad of features were introduced. Interestingly? Apart from a series of trailers and demos he had show, Battlefield 4 was still save some big surprises in the gameplay, as shown by the latest trailer – Levolution and visit  gamezhacktool .

With a super-wide map, a myriad of weapons and classes with a variety of specific roles, support expansion pack mature and level visualization charming thanks to the support of the Frostbite Engine 3.0 is only a small part of what makes Battlefield 4 multiplayer interesting. DICE makes it look increasingly captivating through the latest trailer Levolution. To give the impression of the consequences of war that middle you live, Battlefield 4 will come with much more dynamic map. The map will change significantly during the battle, even enough to change the existing terrain battle.
Battle arena experience more varied, showing DICE Battlefield 4 multiplayer maps feature a dynamic passing the latest trailer – Levolution.

If the collapse of the building in the early demo already looked charming, DICE shows how a massive dam could be destroyed and brought a great flood to the battlefield directly. The result? Battlefield initially dry now becomes wet with the extra track now can only be passed by a speedboat. The same is also applied in some small elements scattered throughout the map. You, for example, could close the door to prevent the invasion of rival forces or closing doors of the train and create its own pitfalls. You can see all these things in this Levolution trailer.

Battlefield 4 itself will glide pad upcoming October 29, 2013 for North America and November 1 for the European region. Not only for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC, it also will be opening for the release of two major next-gen consoles: Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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