NBA 2K14 Next-Gen Need Capacity 6 Fold Compared to the PC version?

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The transition to the new console generation is no longer inevitable. One month to the release of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, many developers began to leave the previous generation, in spite of the release of consistency shown by many developers. Preparing for the latest engine and using a next-gen engine lighter and legacy for the version of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 seems to be a policy that is now adopted. One example of the most frontal? Of course, EA Sports and engine – Ignite them. But who thought that the competitors – 2K Games seems to implement the same. Policies that “sacrifice” PC, regardless of its status as the most powerful platforms in the industry today and visit NBA Live Mobile hack.

Developed by Visual Concept, 2K has finally released its next-gen debut screenshots for NBA 2K14. Various Fascinating visual detail and figure Lebron James looks alive certainly make a lot of gamers comparing it with the PC version. Based on the information “leaked” by a large retailer – Amazon, most likely engine used by NBA 2K14 PC version similar to those used in earlier versions of the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Why not? Like the PC version that requires the space capacity is “only” 9 GB, PS 3 also requires 9 GB and Xbox 360-10 GB. Leap requirement increases to many times in NBA 2K14 next-gen version.

In detail the products offered, Amazon faithfully records the space capacity to be possessed by the next-gen console owners to download the digital version of NBA 2K14. Believe it or not, there is written for Xbox One 60 GB and 50 GB for the Playstation 4. This means that nearly six times the size of the data NBA 2K14 PC version and the current generation. Various rumors were spread, believed that 2K is developing a different engine to produce a visual experience that much better in the next-gen. The opportunity to inject more textures and a variety of visual effects in this one version.

How valid this rumor that one? 2K itself still has not given any official comment. But if the information released Amazon ended the truth, gamers who are interested in buying a next-gen console seems to have to invest some extra money to buy extra storage. That is a huge difference!

Screenshots you are curious about the next-gen NBA 2K14 can click the image below and see the details in actual size.

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