Infamous: Second Son is Hard on the Market

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After struggling with the limited quality of exciting games to play on their beloved console, the timing of the release of Sucker Punch’s latest project – Infamous: Second Son is to be recognized – very precisely. After the hype that woke sweetly over the last few months, it became one of the most anticipated next-gen projects, not only because of its mesmerizing visual qualities, but also the fact that it will take Infamous as a franchise in a new direction. Role as a new character – Delsin Rowe who now has the ability to absorb the ability of other Conduit, dragon ball z dokkan battle hack 2017 also seems effective to “absorb” money from Playstation 4 owners around the world. This game sells well.

Sony finally announced the exact numbers recorded by dragon ball z dokkan battle . Claimed as Infamous’s best-selling series so far, Infamous: Second Son is rumored to have sold over 1 million copies in just 9 days since its release in late March 2014. With the Playstation 4 sales figures now in range of 6 million, it means that almost 1 in 6 Playstation 4 owners have this one game. You who had read our previous review of course already enough to get a picture of what kind of charm he has to offer.

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