Firaxis Announces Civilization: Beyond Earth & Mobile Strike

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Which gamer has never heard of Civilization before? Almost most of the gamers who have known this game will fall in love since the first sight. Like his name, he seeks to visualize the development of human civilization, from one stage to another, through so many branches of the way that it can be pursued. If there is one word that can be inferred from Civilization, it is always strongly associated with “addiction”. Competitive gameplay, challenging, but at the same time offering the illusion of progress for every turn that will continue to help you pass the time to countless hours. And now the chance to fall in love is finally here. Firaxis Announces mobile strike hack .

In the event of PAX East, through a charming short teaser trailer, Firaxis – the developer who also gave birth to another cool strategy game – XCOM finally introduced the latest Civilization series: Beyond Earth. Like the name that he was stretcher, you will no longer scramble territory, political power, and diplomacy on earth. You will now be required to begin building civilizations in outer space, interacting with other alien races, while maintaining the style of mobile strike complex play that we all know. Some lucky overseas media have tried it, and preview articles have begun to spread in cyberspace. So what’s different?

The preparation process for the first colony will play a much more crucial role. Before you begin to build a civilization, when you are just about to board a spaceship, you will be able to choose some basic options that will affect later – like what colony, cargo, and airplane occupants are used. Of course, with a new setting like this, you will no longer be dealing with factions in the world. New factions will be introduced, with each carrying its own unique identity and character. Unfortunately, Firaxis has confirmed that you will not be able to act as an alien race outside of humans.

One of the different things also lies in the tech tree that is reportedly retained. But rather than a straight line in previous Civilization series where you always have to finish the previous technology to unlock the latest linear technology, technological developments in Civilization: Beyond Earth will look like a net. You can focus on just one path, or start dividing attention into different directions in the middle of the game. Every technology you choose will push your civilization toward one of three existing identity destinations: purity, harmony, and supremacy.

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