Finally, Star Citizen Performance Prime Gameplay & Hill Climb Racing

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A revolutionary phenomenon, this one phrase seems appropriate to describe one game title – Star Citizen. How come? When most of the “giant” games built with the power of the famous publisher capital that has long crossed the gaming industry, Star Citizen is built on the enthusiasm of gamers around the world will be a game space simulation which is now a genre that is increasingly rarely glimpsed. The result? With a sustainable donation system, Hill Climb Racing hack  managed to collect more than USD 40 million to ensure this game is perfect. After a superb engine quality demo, the first Citizen Star gameplay was finally shown to the public.

In the event of Hill Climb Racing , Roberts Space Industries – the developer finally shows the action side of Star Citizen for the first time. Through a demo that focuses on dog-fighting modules that have been heralded since last year, you can see how most of the Star Citizen portion will be played. Extensive space battles, with mesmerizing visual qualities, are reinforced by an immersive first-person user interface and point of view, Star Citizen does show potential worth the wait. Still in the pre-alpha process, it is perfectly understandable that this mechanic itself is still not perfect.

Roberts himself still has not given a definite commercial release date for Star Citizen, after having targeted at least until 2015. One thing is certain, to ensure its quality survives, Star Citizen has confirmed that they will not make any compromises just to get into the console market – which in fact has weaker hardware capabilities. Star Citizen is currently the exclusive game for PC.

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