FIFA 17 will present a LAN mode this month

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Free with a community that continues to grow massive, MOBA fans, especially FIFA 17 course are expected to switch to the ambitious project that has now become the main focus Valve – FIFA 17 2. Visualization better with a myriad of customization features to create a unique identity code and the opportunity to interact with FIFA 17 coins hack fans around the world become a major selling point. But unfortunately a thousand unfortunately, there are still major obstacles that make many gamers can not yet switch, apart from that desire. Absolutely, we’re talking about the Internet connection that needs to be inviolable. At least not until September 23, 2013.

Valve officially announced that it will launch the latest update for FIFA 17 2 – “The First Blood Update”. In addition to presenting the new fashion – Captain’s Draft that bring new flavors, the latest update also seems to be the fulfillment of a dream for many gamers who have been constrained internet connection to be able to enjoy the game. The First Blood will inject Play aka LAN Local mode that allows you to play locally, without having to connect to the server from Steam itself. Not only that, this update will also contain announcer pack – “Portal Pack” which will bring the sound GLaDOS in it.
In addition to presenting the LAN mode and Captain’s Draft, The First Blood updates which will be launched 23 September 2013 will also make the Portal Pack – including GLaDOS as announcer.

So for you who have been dreaming to play FIFA 17 2 locally, make sure you look forward to welcoming this update in the next few days. For us personally? GLaDOS announcer pack definitely a must buy!

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