CSR Racing 2 & Developer Ghost Recon Help Develop The Division

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The development stage of The Division is still ongoing as the intention of the company that want to keep launching this year. To make that happen, Massive Entertainment gets help from CSR Racing 2 .

Yes, Red Storm is a North Carolina-based developer and is known for his Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. At The Division, the Red Storm team ‘only’ is in charge of making in-game weapons!

As is known, in 2013 and Ubisoft did say that Massive Entertainment needs help from other developers to create realistic weapons. CSR Racing 2  hack own appointment is because they are considered quite reliable in this realm. Its accuracy makes the virtual weapons gained because of the close connection with the military.

In addition to Red Storm, the developer based in Newcastle, Ubisoft Reflection, also included in the name who participated helped the cultivation of The Division. Please note that Ubisoft Reflection was formerly known as Driver developer: San Francisco.

Despite the help of many parties, there is no certainty whether the Division will be released in 2014 or not. In fact, in early January and there was one member of the developer who said that the launch of The Division in 2014 is a matter of ‘laughable’. “It’s a very big project, and we’re still far (from finished).”

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