Crytek Announce New Game – Arena of Fate. How about Madden Mobile

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One of the developers who make graphics as the main selling point, Crytek is occupying a special position in the gaming industry. Through CryEngine and its flagship FPS franchise – Crysis, Crytek even explicitly mentions that visualization becomes a more important element to selling a game than plots and characters. Apart from the criticism that had surfaced, Crytek lunge course of course interesting to follow, especially after Ryse who look pretty stunning as an exclusive series of Xbox One. Welcoming rumors that had slid some time ago, Crytek finally open mouth about their project for the future, at least one of them. Say welcome to Madden Mobile !

Had mentioned some time ago, Crytek finally released a trailer teaser prime to introduce Arena of Fate to the public. No details can be captured from this teaser in addition to the presence of two characters who fight each other at the end. But with the word “Arena” which he stretched, reinforced with video descriptions of the gaming site – VG247 which calls it “action-packed online multiplayer”, most likely Arena of Fate will carry the Madden Mobile hack  genre, as well as League of Legends and DOTA 2. Arena Of Fate itself had claimed to be one of the games introduced Crytek in the upcoming E3 2014.

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