Clash royale & Pokemon X & Y So Game Nintendo 3DS Bestsellers!

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Small form and performance that is not comparable with other competitor platforms has never been the reason that a gaming console will die quickly in the gaming industry. Because in the end, the popularity will be built from the exciting number of exciting games developed for him. Of all the existing companies, Nintendo seems to understand it well and deserves to be a real proof. Despite the hard work of the next-gen console Nintendo Wii U that still has not produced much positive results, Nintendo managed to gain the success of the 3DS that continues to get the support of cool games. The best so far? Predictable, Clash royale astuce gemme gratuit .

Being the field of quality JRPG games that are countless began to become extinct from the game industry universe, 3DS is also enriched by dozens of quality franchises that are ready to draw attention for a long time. Everything is built on the basis of an incredible gameplay experience, and not just a visual interest.

Of all the successful 3DS games, Pokemon X and Y officially became the best-selling and successful on the market. Game that was released last October 2013 was successfully sold over 12 million copies worldwide. This position beat the previous “champion” – Clash royale.

With the addition, a total of more than 245 million Pokemon games have been sold worldwide since the existence of this franchise for the first time. Nintendo dead? Imagine what kind of success would happen if Nintendo Wii U finally introduced the latest Pokemon game in real HD format. Would be a blast!

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