Blue Ocean and Listening to Consumers, Potential Weapons Nintendo Switch

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On the day Friday, January 13, 2017, millions of eyes re-focused on the announcement of the new Nintendo console, Nintendo Switch that will be sold in the market on March 3. The latest home gaming console from the company from Kyoto, Japan comes to bring a gaming machine that feels very “Nintendo” once, especially in terms of uniqueness which again did not prioritize the toughness of hardware.

Although the sentence was impressed too early success for granted, but Nintendo Switch has a few things that make it potentially better than the Wii U, Nintendo’s game console before. Anything? The following analysis.

Innovation required control gaming experience outdoors

When compared with two other competitors, Nintendo strategy in the console industry throughout the last decade is quite interesting. At the time Sony and Microsoft competing to bring console with engine specifications that give priority to technological sophistication, a company from Kyoto, Japan is actually “playing” outside the trend by making their own markets and visit Marvel Contest of Champions hack.

Nintendo strategies adopted is known as the Blue Ocean Strategy. Through the strategies they employ since this Wii console, Nintendo deliberately not compete in a market that already has a tough rival. They focused instead create new thing and the market that no rival.

Cases similar success can also be found on the success of Nintendo’s handheld machines ranging from Game Boy to Nintendo 3DS. The point talking about Nintendo, they made products are never far from unique word and dared to be different.

However, in the last seven years, the development of smartphones and tablet seems to be a new competitor for Nintendo. The process of adoption of mobile devices such a rapid and graphic development of increasingly sophisticated mobile games makes Nintendo needs to think of a way to keep them relevant. With Nintendo Switch, they are trying to innovate in terms of mobility gaming console outside the home.

See the concept of playing games with the quality of a home console that promised Switch makes me remember with Nvidia Shield, Android gaming machines made by Nvidia that was sadly lacking getting a good response from the market. The difference is, with the support of quality games Nintendo, Switch least look more attractive to own than the Nvidia Shield and get  Dokkan Battle hack .

Although it can be played away from the TV screen, it does not mean Switch will be a hybrid gaming machine that will devour the handheld market dominated by Nintendo itself. Because in its announcement yesterday, Nintendo clearly mentions Switch as a console that has a high mobility and the experience of playing no less than a home console.

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