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Dissidia When first released, I was actually a little disappointed with the game system is presented. Although it had a cool moves and 3D arena fun, original Dissidia seem a little rigid because too deify parry technique. When playing against the AI ​​or the player who is good, the successful parry very decisive victory, so the fight so boring.

Dissidia 012 change that by entering Assist system and EX Revenge. Now, no longer a weapon parry god cause lag time can be disrupted by Assist. Assist also can be sacrificed to escape from enemy combo, or to thwart EX Burst. While the EX Revenge create a Limit Break can be saved to become a defensive weapon and visit NBA Live Mobile hack.

Final Fantasy community in which I participated, Dissidia 012 could be required to play a game that is very popular. Tournament Dissidia 012 is a fixed menu when gathering, and became one of the favorite games to spend time with my college friends. Can be enjoyed in a casual or serious, has solid gameplay, as well as indulge fans of Final Fantasy, Dissidia 012 is one of the best fighting game ever.

Suikoden V

Suikoden Suikoden II is an entry with the best story, but for the best overall, my choice fell on Suikoden V. With cool story, characters and memorable badass, a myriad of exciting mini-games, as well as a unique war, Suikoden V really successful makes me sucked into his world.

I am very happy because Suikoden V many took inspiration from Suikoden I and Suikoden II. The visual appearance is 3D, but using isometric viewpoint that is unsightly. The fight back using a system of six members of the party, but in addition to the formation system and new skills. It was like playing a classic gameplay of the PlayStation era, but with the evolution of the higher step.

Suikoden V also introduce me a cool composer is Norikazu Miura. In contrast to the composition of Miki Higashino (Suikoden II) nuanced Celtic and tend to be easy to remember, Norikazu Miura brings more evocative music, as membungkusmu in nuance waterfront. Listen to songs such as “We Gather Near the Water” will make you yearn to return to francis Konami’s dead.

Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut

Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut is the definitive version of Tales of Destiny remake was released for PS2. If you have never played or heard of this game, it’s reasonable, because Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut is only available in Japanese. One thing that is very unfortunate, because I think this game is the battle system Tales best.

Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut is still using 2D character display, but with remarkably smoothly animated and combined effects of particle and 3D environments. The result is a very fast battle, brutal, chaotic, too beautiful. The new system, called CC (Capacity Point) made all the character and magic skills can be issued free of charge, thus enabling long combo attacks and sophisticated.

Tales of Destiny Compared to the original, this version also gives very many changes that make the overall story more fun. Swordian belonged to Woodrow Kelvin now you can use, lyris Aileron appears to be a new playable character, and even Leon Magnus received separate modes contain the story of his own!

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