Infamous: Second Son is Hard on the Market

After struggling with the limited quality of exciting games to play on their beloved console, the timing of the release of Sucker Punch’s latest project – Infamous: Second Son is to be recognized – very precisely. After the hype that woke sweetly over the last few months, it became one of the most anticipated next-gen projects, not only because of its mesmerizing visual qualities, but also the fact that it will take Infamous as a franchise in a new direction. Role as a new character – Delsin Rowe who now has the ability to absorb the ability of other Conduit, dragon ball z dokkan battle hack 2017 also seems effective to “absorb” money from Playstation 4 owners around the world. This game sells well.

Sony finally announced the exact numbers recorded by dragon ball z dokkan battle . Claimed as Infamous’s best-selling series so far, Infamous: Second Son is rumored to have sold over 1 million copies in just 9 days since its release in late March 2014. With the Playstation 4 sales figures now in range of 6 million, it means that almost 1 in 6 Playstation 4 owners have this one game. You who had read our previous review of course already enough to get a picture of what kind of charm he has to offer.

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Ubisoft Performance Quality Visual Watch Dogs & GTA 5 PC version!

Fishing criticism and wild speculation is difficult to control, many gamers who had time to wonder about Ubisoft’s commitment to “perfect” Watch Dogs. How come? Had been postponed twice for cliche reasons that did not provide much detail, Watch Dogs actually came up with a new trailer that did not look promising at all. The trailer released this month not only shows the clever Aiden Pearce action background for an action game, but also the visual quality that is not as good as the GTA 5 hack on  version in E3 2012. Is it true that Ubisoft does a massive visual downgrade? The expected proof comes finally!

As Ubisoft promised some time ago, a separate trailer to show the level of visual quality of Watch Dogs PC version finally released to the market. Working closely with NVIDIA, this trailer is intended to talk about embedded technology support to create more immersive GTA 5 detail, and of course – pamper the eyes.

Those of you who have been worried about the visual quality of Watch Dogs visuals can be a bit heart-hearted, because the visual quality on display in this trailer is enough to ward off any accusations that have been posted. The quality of the lighting effects, the rain and texture details are amazing.

Watch Dogs itself is scheduled to be released on May 27, 2014, for PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Thank you Ubisoft for not letting us down ..

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Here’s The Last Remastered Appearance & walking dead road to survival

Sony has officially confirmed the presence of The Last of Us on the PlayStation 4. The game, which later added the word ‘Remastered’ in the title it plans to slide in summer 2014.

According to the company, the visual enhancement will be the main dish from The Last of Us Remastered. This walking dead road to survival game will come with 1080p resolution with high-def texture, and much better light and shadow effects.

More interestingly, Naughty Dog targets The Last of Us Remastered to run at 60fps. Unfortunately, the top developer was not sure whether it can be realized or not.

In addition, The Last of Us PS4 will be inserted all additional content previously released in the form of DLC for the PS3 version. For example Left Behind, multiplayer pack Abandoned Territories, and many more.

Then, like what the appearance of The Last of Us Remastered on PS4. Good news for you who are curious. Sony and walking dead road to survival hack coins  recently released a trailer in which there are several scenes that can give a little picture of the visual quality of the game.

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CSR Racing 2 & Developer Ghost Recon Help Develop The Division

The development stage of The Division is still ongoing as the intention of the company that want to keep launching this year. To make that happen, Massive Entertainment gets help from CSR Racing 2 .

Yes, Red Storm is a North Carolina-based developer and is known for his Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. At The Division, the Red Storm team ‘only’ is in charge of making in-game weapons!

As is known, in 2013 and Ubisoft did say that Massive Entertainment needs help from other developers to create realistic weapons. CSR Racing 2  hack own appointment is because they are considered quite reliable in this realm. Its accuracy makes the virtual weapons gained because of the close connection with the military.

In addition to Red Storm, the developer based in Newcastle, Ubisoft Reflection, also included in the name who participated helped the cultivation of The Division. Please note that Ubisoft Reflection was formerly known as Driver developer: San Francisco.

Despite the help of many parties, there is no certainty whether the Division will be released in 2014 or not. In fact, in early January and there was one member of the developer who said that the launch of The Division in 2014 is a matter of ‘laughable’. “It’s a very big project, and we’re still far (from finished).”

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Finally, Star Citizen Performance Prime Gameplay & Hill Climb Racing

A revolutionary phenomenon, this one phrase seems appropriate to describe one game title – Star Citizen. How come? When most of the “giant” games built with the power of the famous publisher capital that has long crossed the gaming industry, Star Citizen is built on the enthusiasm of gamers around the world will be a game space simulation which is now a genre that is increasingly rarely glimpsed. The result? With a sustainable donation system, Hill Climb Racing hack  managed to collect more than USD 40 million to ensure this game is perfect. After a superb engine quality demo, the first Citizen Star gameplay was finally shown to the public.

In the event of Hill Climb Racing , Roberts Space Industries – the developer finally shows the action side of Star Citizen for the first time. Through a demo that focuses on dog-fighting modules that have been heralded since last year, you can see how most of the Star Citizen portion will be played. Extensive space battles, with mesmerizing visual qualities, are reinforced by an immersive first-person user interface and point of view, Star Citizen does show potential worth the wait. Still in the pre-alpha process, it is perfectly understandable that this mechanic itself is still not perfect.

Roberts himself still has not given a definite commercial release date for Star Citizen, after having targeted at least until 2015. One thing is certain, to ensure its quality survives, Star Citizen has confirmed that they will not make any compromises just to get into the console market – which in fact has weaker hardware capabilities. Star Citizen is currently the exclusive game for PC.

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Firaxis Announces Civilization: Beyond Earth & Mobile Strike

Which gamer has never heard of Civilization before? Almost most of the gamers who have known this game will fall in love since the first sight. Like his name, he seeks to visualize the development of human civilization, from one stage to another, through so many branches of the way that it can be pursued. If there is one word that can be inferred from Civilization, it is always strongly associated with “addiction”. Competitive gameplay, challenging, but at the same time offering the illusion of progress for every turn that will continue to help you pass the time to countless hours. And now the chance to fall in love is finally here. Firaxis Announces mobile strike hack .

In the event of PAX East, through a charming short teaser trailer, Firaxis – the developer who also gave birth to another cool strategy game – XCOM finally introduced the latest Civilization series: Beyond Earth. Like the name that he was stretcher, you will no longer scramble territory, political power, and diplomacy on earth. You will now be required to begin building civilizations in outer space, interacting with other alien races, while maintaining the style of mobile strike complex play that we all know. Some lucky overseas media have tried it, and preview articles have begun to spread in cyberspace. So what’s different?

The preparation process for the first colony will play a much more crucial role. Before you begin to build a civilization, when you are just about to board a spaceship, you will be able to choose some basic options that will affect later – like what colony, cargo, and airplane occupants are used. Of course, with a new setting like this, you will no longer be dealing with factions in the world. New factions will be introduced, with each carrying its own unique identity and character. Unfortunately, Firaxis has confirmed that you will not be able to act as an alien race outside of humans.

One of the different things also lies in the tech tree that is reportedly retained. But rather than a straight line in previous Civilization series where you always have to finish the previous technology to unlock the latest linear technology, technological developments in Civilization: Beyond Earth will look like a net. You can focus on just one path, or start dividing attention into different directions in the middle of the game. Every technology you choose will push your civilization toward one of three existing identity destinations: purity, harmony, and supremacy.

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Assassin’s Creed: Unity Lets You Run on the Wall? how about Roblox

Parkour has always been an integral part of the Ubisoft – Assassin’s Creed flagship franchise. It has also grown into a unique super identity that makes this game’s open-world experience look much more appealing, especially if you start having to move vertically. It is this same concept that inspires many other open world games to adopt a similar mechanism, to give the impression of a main character that is more agile and deadly at the same time. But after being stuck with a mechanism like this during the last few series, Roblox robux hack reportedly will slightly “overhaul” this parkour system. The assassin can now also do it horizontally, no longer just vertical.

Ubisoft does not provide much detail related to roblox series for 2014 – Unity, in addition to a teaser trailer and some leaked images that just show the quality of in-game engine.

But the latest information from one of the professional parkour artists – Jesse La Flair triggered the latest rumors about changes in the existing mechanism. The main character in Unity claimed this time will not only be able to do parkour vertically, but also horizontally. Like Prince’s action in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, the Assassin can now move quickly and run by making the wall the main foothold. Ubisoft itself refused to comment on this one rumor.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity itself is prepared as a year-end project for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Ubisoft is also reportedly preparing another Assassin’s Creed series for its previous generation console – the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 called Comet, although there has been no confirmation at all.

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Clash royale & Pokemon X & Y So Game Nintendo 3DS Bestsellers!

Small form and performance that is not comparable with other competitor platforms has never been the reason that a gaming console will die quickly in the gaming industry. Because in the end, the popularity will be built from the exciting number of exciting games developed for him. Of all the existing companies, Nintendo seems to understand it well and deserves to be a real proof. Despite the hard work of the next-gen console Nintendo Wii U that still has not produced much positive results, Nintendo managed to gain the success of the 3DS that continues to get the support of cool games. The best so far? Predictable, Clash royale astuce gemme gratuit .

Being the field of quality JRPG games that are countless began to become extinct from the game industry universe, 3DS is also enriched by dozens of quality franchises that are ready to draw attention for a long time. Everything is built on the basis of an incredible gameplay experience, and not just a visual interest.

Of all the successful 3DS games, Pokemon X and Y officially became the best-selling and successful on the market. Game that was released last October 2013 was successfully sold over 12 million copies worldwide. This position beat the previous “champion” – Clash royale.

With the addition, a total of more than 245 million Pokemon games have been sold worldwide since the existence of this franchise for the first time. Nintendo dead? Imagine what kind of success would happen if Nintendo Wii U finally introduced the latest Pokemon game in real HD format. Would be a blast!

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Watch Dogs & GTA 5 PC Version Require Uplay!

Approaching its launch next month, various information about Watch Dogs began to unfold. Previously, the final specification for the PC version of the open world game has been announced.

In addition to providing information about what is required by gamers on his PC, Ubisoft apparently still have another announcement. Perhaps most of you already suspect that like a variety of Ubisoft flagship game, Watch Dogs need Uplay existence and get GTA 5 hack on .

“(Watch Dogs) just like in our other AAA games, including Far Cry 3, Splinter Cell Blacklist, and Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag,” said a spokesman from Ubisoft when answering questions from IGN.

The company added, Watch Dogs will be available on Steam and will use Uplay to support all in-game services. Like GTA 5 and other Ubisoft games, gamers who buy Watch Dogs via Steam still need a Uplay account to enter the game.

Just to remind, Watch Dogs ready to be released for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, on May 27, 2014. Nintendo Wii U version will also be present. Even so, until now there has been no announcement about the launch date.

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