Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Ver Dynamic via Levolution

EA and DICE seems increasingly establish itself to ensure Battlefield 4 appeared as the best FPS game in the FPS competition that is increasingly prevalent in the 2013’s. Not only must fight against the eternal enemy – Call of Duty, the game industry will also be the arrival of other competitors are no less remarkable: Titanfall and Destiny, which comes with a unique theme each. DICE is certainly ready. To ensure a multiplayer experience that is more reliable in the next few years, a myriad of features were introduced. Interestingly? Apart from a series of trailers and demos he had show, Battlefield 4 was still save some big surprises in the gameplay, as shown by the latest trailer – Levolution and visit  gamezhacktool .

With a super-wide map, a myriad of weapons and classes with a variety of specific roles, support expansion pack mature and level visualization charming thanks to the support of the Frostbite Engine 3.0 is only a small part of what makes Battlefield 4 multiplayer interesting. DICE makes it look increasingly captivating through the latest trailer Levolution. To give the impression of the consequences of war that middle you live, Battlefield 4 will come with much more dynamic map. The map will change significantly during the battle, even enough to change the existing terrain battle.
Battle arena experience more varied, showing DICE Battlefield 4 multiplayer maps feature a dynamic passing the latest trailer – Levolution.

If the collapse of the building in the early demo already looked charming, DICE shows how a massive dam could be destroyed and brought a great flood to the battlefield directly. The result? Battlefield initially dry now becomes wet with the extra track now can only be passed by a speedboat. The same is also applied in some small elements scattered throughout the map. You, for example, could close the door to prevent the invasion of rival forces or closing doors of the train and create its own pitfalls. You can see all these things in this Levolution trailer.

Battlefield 4 itself will glide pad upcoming October 29, 2013 for North America and November 1 for the European region. Not only for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC, it also will be opening for the release of two major next-gen consoles: Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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FIfa 17 Best Review

What do you think of when we talk about the most phenomenal MMO game today? Most of you will probably appoint World of Warcraft due to the popularity that can not be conquered, or EVE Online because of its ability to offer absolute freedom to be controlled by the gamer. But in the past, big name has become one of the classic series that has not replaceable – FIFA 17. Help define the MMORPG genre in its initial popularity, the classic series has finally come back to life in a new form, a format that is expected akanmampu restore the glory and FIFA 17 coins own identity. MMORPG gamers, get ready to welcome the presence of FIFA 17 Next.

Sony Online Entertainment’s FIFA 17 finally unmasked the mystery in a press conference in Las Vegas. As well as a myriad of innovations that they inject in early FIFA 17 series, Next is also positioned as an MMORPG that change the way MMORPG work, not only in terms of visualization, but also a myriad of existing mechanical. John Smedley – president of SOE FIFA 17 Next call as a world that will make the player as the main focus. So what makes this different FIFA 17 Next? What makes it appear as a next-gen MMORPG? This is a variety of features that will be carried by this one game:

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